//Renault Fluence – 2015

Renault Fluence – 2015


The Renault Fluence is a mid-size sedan that is offered in the premium three-box segment. The car boasts of a strong French design, however, the Fluence has a more contemporary styling as compared to the brand’s other quirky cars.

  • Front & rear seats warmer
  • Rheostat & Electronic Stability Control (ESC) OFF switch
  • Driver seat height adjuster
  • Connectivity (USB/AUX)
  • Multimedia display
Pickup Date & Time
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The Renault Fluence is a medium sedan produced by the French automaker Renault. The car was produced until 2016 at the Oyak-Renault plant in Bursa, Turkey, and it still is produced in Santa Isabel, Argentina, for the Latin American market and in Busan, South Korea, for the Asia-Pacific market.



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